Saturday, June 25, 2005


This is my new creation of birthday cake. Usually birthday cake is made from cheese, chocolate, sponge or marble cake and decorated using buttercream.'s very beautiful and delicious. But if we have it too often, we will get bored and gain weight in the same time.
So.. here is the solution by combining the cake and pudding.
This is very delicious, beautiful and refreshing.
My first creation is mocha classy pudding cake. It is made from swiss roll cake for based and lining, then mocha sponge pudding in the next layer and mocha pudding with dessert wine in top and covered up by chocolate jelly. To enhance the appetite, I use fruity shaped jelly to garnish.
The taste is hmmmmmm yummmyyyyyy. You will never stop to eat it.
And this cake I made for Juwita's birthday, one of my friend in Cell Group

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